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        Handmade products for Home Decor, Home Accessories, Gift and Christmas  
                                     Wholesale | Made to Order | No Retail Sale

Welcome to the Beautiful World of ARTASHI INDIA !!   


We are a business to business,  Design  &  Manufacturing  Company  into  home decor,  home accessories, gift, novelties and Christmas decorations, which are all handmade.

We sell products under our Brand - ARTASHI. We also design and sell, customized products, as per the specific requirement of our customers. We use natural recyclable materials, like wood, metals, stone, fabric, glass etc. to craft our unique handmade products.


Till date we have designed more than 5000 unique handmade products for home, kitchen, garden and gifting. Our In-house production facility of 30,000 sq. ft. work area and more than 1500 master artisans, places us in a wonderful position to serve you with best designed products at a great price.

How To Order - B2B ( Business to Business )

This website is a dream store and we are a great choice for the distributors, chain stores, whole sellers, online selling companies and big retail stores of such products, around the world. Apart from well settled big customers, we also support small new customers, to buy smaller quantities in the beginning.

​As all good things have limited access, so you need to Sign Up , to become a verified Member on this website. As soon as we get your complete details and verify at our end, we approve your account and send a password, for access to Catalog and all Restricted Pages. This is generally done within 24 hours. After this, you can surf through all pages, and find a big range for your selection. 

Members can visit, How to Order page on this website, to understand how can you order with ease. This will show, the Business Terms, M.O.Q ( Minimum Order Quantity ), M.O.V ( Minimum Order Value ), Payment Terms, Shipping Policy, Quality Control and details on our policy, for claims and refunds. We have formulated, very simple and transparent business terms, which are suitable to all kinds of customers. 

If you still have any queries or doubts, you can call back or send an Email. We will get back to you, at the earliest.


Handmade Products: Experience the beauty of handmade products crafted by skilled  artisans.

Customized products:    Our   handmade   products   are   customized   and   Made  to   Order. 

Wholesale  Orders,  No Retail Sale :  We   work   on   wholesale  orders  only.   No  retail  sale.

Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ ) :    Per    style   50 Pcs  /  Numbers  /  Units   only.


​Minimum Order Value:  USD 2000   ( USD  Two  Thousand  or  its  equivalent  Currency )  only.


You can write/speak to us for any kind of specific requirement or adjustment for our consideration.

                Our Mission
Crafting enchanting designer products from natural materials like wood and brass, ensuring top-notch quality. With over 5000 innovative, eco-friendly designs, Artashi caters to global needs with custom solutions for all.

             Our Vision
Bringing joy and happiness to every home and individual is our mission, aiming to partner with distributors, chain stores, wholesalers, online platforms, and major retail outlets worldwide.

    Our Infrastructure
With wood working and carving units in Saharanpur, India, our 30,000 sq. ft. facility and 1500+ skilled artisans enable us to offer top-notch designs at competitive prices.

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