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Brass Statue, Sculpture, Figurines

Statues Sculptures Figurines play an important role in the decoration and ambience of each home and work place. While the rooms of the kids may be decorated with figurines like dogs, cats, lion, giraffe, elephant, birds etc., living room and lobbies may be decorated with various statues like that of buddha, angels and classic sculptures etc. 

We make a large range of statues sculptures and figurines. To take their quality to the top level, we make them in pure brass in several finish of mat, polish, antique, antique black and many more. This is why they look so enchanting   and   gorgeous.  You   can  find   the  most   fantastic  collection   with   us  at  most  amazing  price.


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Catalogue Brass Sculptures Figurines 


Sculptures are part of a visual art in which either hard materials like metals or comparatively softer materials like wood or clay are used and worked into a three dimensional art object. There has been enormous effort and new dimensions explored in the recent years into this art form and it is hard to predict how fast and in which direction it will go in years to come. Experiments are being done in a variety of materials and a number of crafting techniques. Sculptures are mostly art works and not always related to the things in the real world.


Statue is a free-standing sculpture in which realistic full length figures of persons, animals or non-representational forms are carved or cast in a durable material such as wood, metal or stone. They generally personify the looks and size of the original inspiration object , so they are life sized or close to it. Statues, statuette are also sculptures but they are more realistic and mostly figures of famous persons or popular animals. This way they are more closer to the real world. The popular figures they represent are mostly famous figures from the history but they can also be mythical. Hence generally a statue is a large sculpture of a person, animal or any other living creature. They are mostly carved in materials like wood and stone and casted in materials like various metals of brass, bronze etc.

Statues have been produced in many cultures from pre-history to the present; the oldest-known statue dating to about 30,000 years ago. Statues represent many different people and animals, real and mythical. Many statues are placed in public places as public art. Those statues which are giant size and multiple size of the original inspiration object, they are termed as Colossal Statues.


While sculpture generally flourished in European Medieval art, the single statue was not one of the most common types, except for figures of the Virgin Mary, usually with Child, and the corpus or body of Christ on crucifixes. Both of these appeared in all size up to life-size, and by the late Middle Ages many churches, even in villages, had a crucifixion group around a rood cross. The Gero Cross in Cologne is both one of the earliest and finest large figures of the crucified Christ. As yet, full-size standing statues of saints and rulers were uncommon, but tomb effigies, generally lying down, were very common for the wealthy from about the 14th century, having spread downwards from royal tombs in the centuries before.


Figurines or Statuette is also a sculpture that represents persons or animals in full figure but that is small enough to lift and carry. Figurines in fact are small statues which may be carved or moulded and mostly represent human beings, animals or other living creatures. Hence you can say that statues of small size are called figurines.


India is a land of artisans and craft persons. As the climate in India is pretty hot and humid, so materials like stone, wood and metals are most likely to be used for creating the magic of statues, sculptures or figurines.


There is also a tradition of making statues in the Hindu culture where all Hindu God and Goddess are very popular to be created, conserved and worshipped. Statues of Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman are very much appreciated and always in demand. Statues of Buddha and statues of Sai Baba are highly appreciated.


We at ARTASHI INDIA, make the most authentic Statues, sculptures and figurines. Our craftsmen and artisans are doing this for many generations. Whether it be the various size statues of Hindu Gods and Goddess, Jesus Christ or the statues, statuette, sculptures, bust, idol of Buddha or Sai baba, we make them all in the most authentic work. We also make brass figurines of various animals and birds.

You can order a huge range of most authentic figures from us like statue of buddha, buddha bust, buddha head sculpture, statue jesus christ, statues of lord ganesha, statues lord shiva, statue lord vishnu, statue lord krishna, statue lord rama, statue lord hanuman, statues of goddess laxmi, statue goddess durga, statue goddess sita and all other hindu gods and goddess. These are available from a small size of two inch to 12 feet long made in most genuine and authentic style.

We also make art sculptures and other sculptures from small size of four inch to six feet long. Crafting figurines like dog figurine, cat figurine, horse figurine, giraffe figurine, elephant figurine, hippopotamus figurine, frog figurine, tortoise figurine, turtle figurine, owl figurine, eagle figurine, birds figurine and all other figurines in various size and finish.

All the statues, sculptures and figurines are made in high quality brass in various finish like polish, antique and coloured to give a perfect look and high international quality. All brand ARTASHI Handmade products made by us, are made to last really long time. We do not use any spurious materials to craft our handmade products, gifts and crafts.


ARTASHI INDIA is manufacturer of brass sculpture, brass statue, brass figurine, brass statuette, handmade sculpture brass, antique sculpture, animal figurines, bird figurines, giraffe figurine, horse figurine, cat figurine, dog figurine, hippo figurine, elephant figurine, religious statues, art statues, customized sculptures brass.

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