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Gifts, Crafts, Toys

Gifts, Crafts and Toys fill colors in our Life.

We always feel great whenever we get a gift. How small it may be, but if brings joy and happiness to us.

Children are also passionate with their toys. They love to have them and enjoy the most. We make a huge range of gifts, crafts and toys for one and all. All this comes at a very competitive price at par with the best factories in the world.

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Catalogue Gifts Crafts Toys

Gifts are the small treasures of happiness which do not cost much but they can infuse great spirits, happiness  and enthusiasm in a person. Specially if the gifts are handmade, they carry a great significance. Such gifts had always been welcome by every one living in any part of the world. 

A Handmade gift is a fail proof gift you can give on any occasion. It's a unique way of telling your recipient that they are special. After all, the gift itself took time to be created and nothing spells love better than time. 

Craft is an activity such as weaving, carving or pottery that involves making things skillfully by hand in a traditional way. It has many kinds like woodcraft, metal crafts, pottery crafts etc. All crafts which are made by the skill of hands come under handicrafts. 

We make unique gifts, gifts for him, gifts for her, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, anniversary gifts, promotional gifts, gifts for children etc.   

We make metal crafts for good gift options for several occasions.

It includes brass paper weights, designer paper weights, pen holders, pen stand brass, brass bowls, designer stands brass, brass bowls with designer stands etc.
We also make wooden toys for children. It includes various types of educational and play toys. You can find wood toys like cars, motor bike, scooter, cats, rabbits etc. with us. We do not use chemicals with such toys, so that children are safe.

ARTASHI India is maker of gift, craft, toys, woodcraft, brass craft, handmade gift, gift for children, unique gifts crafts, handmade toys, wooden toys, pen holder, pen stand, paper weight, wooden dolls, brass bullock cart, brass horse cart, kamdhenu cow and other customized gift craft toys. 

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