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Home Accessories :

We are manufacturer and exporter of a big range of home accessories. It includes :

Wooden Bowls and Trays

Wooden Boxes and Jars

Brass Pull Handles

Brass Door Knockers

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Home accessories are decorative items and functional pieces that people use to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their homes. These items can range from small decorative objects to larger functional pieces of furniture. Here are some common types of home accessories:

  1. Decorative Pillows: These come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and are used to add comfort and style to sofas, chairs, and beds.

  2. Candles and Candleholders: Candles provide ambient lighting and come in various scents and designs. Candleholders can be decorative and functional.

  3. Vases and Flower Arrangements: Vases are used to display fresh or artificial flowers and can be made from various materials such as glass, ceramic, or metal.

  4. Artwork and Wall Decor: This includes paintings, prints, wall sculptures, and mirrors that add personality and style to a room's walls.

  5. Rugs and Carpets: These provide comfort and warmth to floors and come in various patterns and textures.

  6. Throw Blankets: Adding a cozy and decorative touch to sofas or beds, throw blankets come in different materials and designs.

  7. Decorative Bowls and Trays: These items can be used for serving or as display pieces for decorative objects like fruit, potpourri, or candles.

  8. Photo Frames: To showcase cherished memories and personalize the space with family photos and artwork.

  9. Curtains and Drapes: Window treatments not only provide privacy but also add style and texture to a room.

  10. Lamps and Lighting Fixtures: Table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers provide both ambient and task lighting while also serving as decorative elements.

  11. Clocks: Wall clocks and table clocks can be both functional and decorative.

  12. Bookends: These hold books in place and can be decorative or thematic.

  13. Cushions and Throws: Cushions can add comfort to chairs and benches, while throws can be draped over furniture to add warmth and style.

  14. Shelving and Storage: Decorative shelves and storage units serve both functional and decorative purposes, allowing you to display items and keep your space organized.

  15. Sculptures and Figurines: Small sculptures and figurines can be used to accentuate tabletops and shelves.

  16. Planters and Indoor Plants: Houseplants and decorative planters add a touch of nature and freshness to interior spaces.

  17. Tableware: Items like placemats, coasters, and decorative tableware can enhance the dining experience and add style to your dining area.

  18. Cushioned Seating: Decorative ottomans, poufs, and benches can provide additional seating and complement the room's design.

  19. Throws and Bedding: High-quality bedding, including sheets, duvet covers, and throws, can add both comfort and style to bedrooms.

  20. Seasonal Decor: Many people change their home accessories with the seasons, incorporating items like holiday decorations, seasonal wreaths, and themed decor.

Home accessories are a great way to personalize your living space and create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment that reflects your style and personality.

We make a huge range of home accessories and home products. They are all handmade products which are made of natural recyclable materials like wood, metals, brass, iron, aluminum, glass, fabric etc. This includes wooden bowls, fruit bowl, tray, tray wood, box wood, jar wood, cake stand, wooden cutting boards, chopping tray, pull handles brass, brass pulls for furniture, door knockers, hooks, door hardware, light furniture wood like cabinets, storage boxes, trunk. telephone table, chest of drawers, racks, shelves, small carved furniture, table, stool etc.


One important product in this category is pull handles. We make an amazing range of brass door handles and brass pull handles. They are made in high quality pure brass with the trust of brand ARTASHI and they are made to last a real long time.


This is one of our most popular and most sought after product range. The brass pull handles we make are tiger shape pull handle, dolphin pull handle, fish pull handle, guitar pull handles, tree branch shape pull handle, peacock shape handles, leaves pair pull handles, fish pair pull handles, dragon pair pull handles etc.


Such door pull handles add a real beauty to your doors and they are center of attraction for every person who holds them. The crafted beauty and great long lasting quality is really commendable.


Apart from this, we make a large range of handmade brass door knockers. Door Knockers may be used with doors, windows, tables, chest tables, cabinets, drawers, closets etc. We make them in most beautiful and enchanting designs like Buddha door knocker, lion head door knocker, elephant head door knocker, owl door knocker, bird door knockers, eagle door knockers etc. A huge range in various types of finish is made and sold by us.


All these products are handmade and a symbol of true craftsmen ship of our artisans. ARTASHI INDIA is a business identity formed by a group of artisans. We assure that you would never regret buying a Brand ARTASHI handmade product.

brass pulls, door pulls, window pulls, cabinet pulls, furniture pulls, pull handles from ARTASHI IN

ARTASHI INDIA is manufacturer of home accessories, home products, wooden accessories, kitchenware, bowl wood, fruit bowl, tray wood, wooden cutting boards, jar, jars wood, box wood, jewelry box, brass pulls, pull handles, hook, key holder, door knocker, cabinets, shelves, racks, chest, trunk, table

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