Wooden Snowflake Christmas Decorations 


Available without paint and also in All Colours and Designs Hand painted on both sides


Dia :   

                Natural Wood DIY     Handpainted

                         $  Price / Pc        FOB India



4" Inch         $  0.65 / Pc               $  0.90 / Pc       

5" Inch         $   0.75 / Pc               $  1.00 / Pc

6" Inch         $   0.90 / Pc               $  1.20 / Pc 




Thickness 8mm


How to Use - You can use these Snowflake Wooden Christmas Ornaments on Christmas, Wedding, New Year Party, Birthday Party or Any Other Party. It is a perfect choice for Christmas Tree Decorations, Party Decoration and Festival Decoration. 


These christmas ornaments are available in  various size and thickness and they have a hole at the top. They are convenient for hanging and come with a rope thread. You can use them at several places as per their size.


These Wooden Christmas Ornaments are made of natural, premium quality wood. They have smooth surface on both sides. No rough edges and smooth to touch without hurting your hands. 

Christmas Decorations Snow Flakes

May be customized in all size and colours