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Dog handmade in pure brass, 

Finish : Polish, Brand ARTASHI.

Size :  5.5" Inch, Weight : 0.600 Kg.


This tiny dog is carved and crafted in pure brass. It looks very cute and looks like a small dog miniature. it is crafted by small tools by craftsmen and then polished.


You can place it in your kid's room on a shelf. Kids really like it. Can be used as a birthday gift or as a nice gift for children on any nice occasion. You can also use it as a Paper Weight on your office table. We use top quality brass to make our brass sculptures. It can be  customized for any shape, size, colour or finish.

Dog brass handmade

SKU: AMM1006
  • sculpture dog, dog figurine brass, dog statue, dog antique brass, statues sculptures, home accents, home decor, gifts for children

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