Aluminum vases set of two. 

Finish shiny black copper.


H: 29 cm, L: 23 cm, Weight :  1.950 Kg.

H: 23 cm, L: 19 cm, Weight :  0.950 Kg.


These vases look very beautiful with bunch of flowers in red, blue, yellow, lilac, white etc. As they are tall in size, you can place them directly on the floor in the corridors. May also be placed on a table, stand or a shelf in your bed room or the living room.


Handmade in aluminum and hand painted. Tall size, strong and easy to use. May also be a good gifting option for parties and functions. Huge options of aluminum vases available with us in various shapes, size and finish.

Aluminum vase set

SKU: AHV937a, 937b