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Pull Handles Brass

We make a big range of pull handles made in high quality pure brass.

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A handle is a part of or an attachment to an object that allows it to be grasped and manipulated by hand. An African-American inventor known as Osbourn Dorsey is called to be the inventor of Door handles. Because of the handling ability of handles, they are very important to open doors, windows, drawers etc. Whereas, a handle is attached to the object at two places, a pull is attached only at a single point.

A door handle may be with or without a lock but the pull handles are without lock. They are a good option to operate a door or window. All door handles, window handles etc. we make are without lock. Pull handles need to be strong and durable. As the name suggests, they are constantly being pulled in order to open the doors they are affixed to. Historians say that one of the main reasons for the introduction of door handles was to make a room which had high ceilings appear cozier and it was an optical trick to bring the ceiling height down. Door handles may have been fitted high to follow this theme. All handles, pulls, latches, locks and other operative parts of the door should measure between 34 inches and 48 inches above the floor.


A pull handle is a type of handle that, as the name suggests, supports a pulling action. You can grip a pull handle with one or both hands, after which you can pull it. Pulling a pull handle will then move the object or workpiece to which it's connected. Whereas, handle is to use the hands while pull is to apply a force to an object so that it comes toward the person or thing applying the force.


One major category of handles are pull handles, where one or more hands grip the handle or handles and exert force to shorten the distance between the hands and their corresponding shoulders. Horizontal pull handles are widespread, including drawer pulls, handles on latch less doors and the outside of car doors.


Pull handles may be used with small doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, dressing tables, chest tables and other furniture. Hence they are termed as drawer pull, cabinet pull, door pull, window pull handle etc.

We make brass handles, door handles, door pull handles, handmade pull handles, designer pull handles, tiger shape pull handle, guitar door handle, peacock pull handle, dragon pull handle, fish shape door handle, dolphin pull handle, leaves shape pull handle etc.

We make a huge range of Pull Handles made of Brass in various designs, shape and finish. They come in great life long lasting quality with amazing designs. It is a unique collection for every home and work place and a must buy. This comes at a very competitive price at par with the best factories in the world.


Brand ARTASHI is manufacturer of high quality and strength door handles for both interiors and exteriors and makes brass pulls, pull handles, brass pull handles, brass knobs, brass handles, door hardware, vintage brass pulls, door pull, window pull, furniture pull, cabinet pull, chest pull, drawers pull etc.  

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