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Religious Gift

Sometimes we wonder what to gift on a specific occasion. There are so many occasions in life that we find it difficult to to get the relevant gifts every time. So we have made a Category of Gifts which has such unique gifts which you can gift on several occasions. We have named this as Spiritual Religious Gifts. It includes most luring and enchanting gifts. All this comes at a very competitive price at par with the best factories in the world. We make religious gifts, spiritual gifts, Christian gifts, Hindu god statues, Buddha gifts, Ganesh Laxmi gifts etc.  

This page is just a reference page for our Religious Gifts. You need to complete the Sign Up process to visit all the pages with full details and Price on :

Catalogue Religious Gifts

A religious gift given to a person may boost one's spirits for a better way of living. If a person is under depression or facing lots of challenges in Life, sometimes it makes him weak and fragile. Under such circumstances some words of solace and a spiritual gift like a Buddha figurine or a Jesus statue may really rejuvenate  that person.


ARTASHI  INDIA  is  a  business  identity  formed  by  a  group  of  artisans.  Hence  our Price and Quality are unmatched. We assure you that you would never regret buying a Brand ARTASHI handmade product.


We make religious gift, Christian gift, Buddha gifts, brass statue Buddha, brass statue Jesus, Jesus cross, Ganesh idol, Ganesh Laxmi murti, Vishnu idol, Shiv idol, Hanuman idol, Ram idol, Radha Krishna idol, money attraction charm, good luck charm, tortoise money charm, owl money charm, mating frogs pair for abundance, turtles good luck charm, brass bells

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