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We make a huge range of handmade Vases and Planters both in wood and metal. Wooden vases are made in several hand painted colors and a number of hand carving designs. They are both antique and contemporary types.

Metal vases are made of metals like iron, Aluminum, Brass etc. They are also made in several shapes, finish and designs, hand painted colors and hand cut metal sheet work. 


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Catalogue Vases


A Vase is an open container which is useful and pretty and it makes a lovely decorative accent on table tops and surfaces throughout your home. Whereas, the classic versions of a vase were bigger in size and mostly in round shapes, the modern vases blend sleek designs with modern colors using materials like metals, wood, glass and ceramic. If you can decorate a place with mix and match modern vases in various size and colors they just give a most splendid look. You can add fresh flowers or artificial plants and flowers to create eye catching center pieces throughout your home. Vases with flowers of vibrant colours and fragrance create a healthy atmosphere at any place or home. Vases are an important factor of home decoration.


Vase Locations

Table vases are commonly smaller and hold a bouquet or a few flowers. They are usually lighter types of vases and can be made from different materials like wood, ceramic, glass etc.

Floor vases are much larger and generally they have a heavy bottom to support a larger bouquet. They are generally placed at a focal point in a spacious room and should specifically complement the decor as they are pretty large and must go well with the decor of the place. Floor vases should have a wide opening to hold more flowers and more stable and they are not knocked over easily.

Wall vases can be a great way to add some depth and personality to a home, specially if there are children or pets who could knock over vases on tables or floor. This modern twist works great with minimalist decor and also helps to use the wall space when floor space is limited. Glass is a common material used in making wall vases and is often paired with metal commonly seen with air plants in modern coffee shops and boutiques.

Vase Materials

When selecting a type of vase, materials can also dictate their use and arrangement style. Popular materials are glass, metals like brass, aluminum and iron and also wood. Their use and placement depends upon the nature of material also. 


Glass Vase

The most common material for elegant and timeless vases is glass. Generally the clear glass in plain or crackle finish is simple and beautiful for a glass vase although pot furnace color glass like in red, purple or turquoise also looks gorgeous. The translucent nature of glass allows the light to travel through the vase and hence the stem of flowers is also visible which looks quite extra ordinary and beautiful while this is not true with other vase materials like metals or wood. It is important to keep the water clean by changing and trimming the stems to enhance the beauty and freshness of the bouquet.

Crystal Vase

Crystal vases are meant to make a statement as they are quite expensive. They are good to hold romantic long stem roses and dark color flowers. Crystal vases are commonly used to elevate the appearance of a bouquet and demonstrate luxury and elegance.

Metal Vase

Vases are often crafted in various metals like aluminum, brass, iron and steel etc. Metal vases have a very big range as there are too many metal options which may have several finish and hand painted metal vases. Metal vases support a contemporary theme and also because of their break proof option, they are very much in demand. They generally have a durable quality to last long in both hot and humid conditions. They are great option for out door decoration and come in various size, finish and colors. 

Wooden Vase

Wooden Vases are available in natural wood finish, antique finish, hand painted finish and in wooden carving designs. They come in various size, shape and finish and look a true master piece of art. They are also break proof, so can be placed freely any where as per their size and utility. They are meant both as to hold the fresh flowers or just as a decorative piece without any flowers and just to enhance the looks of the place in accordance to the theme of the place.

Ceramic Vase


Ceramic vases come in the best colorful designs with a natural glow as ceramic material is very good to use and craft. It can be given most amazing shapes, size, designs, colors and patterns. They are heavy, stable and good to hold more flowers depending upon their shape and size. They are generally more affordable and look gorgeous. 

Flower Vase Shapes

Cylinder Vase

Cylindrical Vase is one of the most basic and popular vase shape. It has the geometry of a cylinder which has a circular base with straight sides. These types of vases are ideal for supporting large sturdy flower bouquets such as roses and sunflowers. You can place a mixed bouquet inside but they show off an arrangement of a single flower such as a bouquet of red roses nicely. 


Bowl Vase

Bowl vases, also known as a fishbowl vases, are a unique way to highlight your beautiful bouquet and create artistic and amazing centerpiece. You will want to have this bowl as a focal point on your table or within your entertainment center. The bowl vase is the shape of a bowl which is flat, wide with not much height. Hence it is not meant for large long stem flowers but ideal for free flowing garden like flowers with full heads such as hydrangea, eucalyptus, alstroemeria etc. They are made of materials like glass, metals or ceramics. 


Bud Vase

The bud vase is generally a smallest vase type meant for a single flower. Single blooms or small clusters fit beautifully into these tiny vessels made for wild flowers and other dainty flowers. Arrange several different vase shapes into a collection of bud vases to split up a bouquet beautifully. 


Mason Jar Vase 

Mason Jars are glass jars with a wide opening and they are generally used in preserving fruits or vegetables. Mason jars serve many purposes. We use them for canning, drinking, and occasionally they end up as a flower vase. They are a perfect fit to be used as a Vase. With their straight sides, rounded bottom and a top that creates a lovely angle, these jars are one of the top used glass vases. Mason jars are ideal for holding just about any type of flowers except for those with long stems.


Bouquet Vase

The bouquet is one of the types of vase shapes that is specifically made for holding flower arrangements. They are designed with sturdy bottoms and sides that taper out in and then out again. The upper taper gives stems a resting place so that they can show off their gorgeous blooms. 


Pedestal Vase

Pedestal vases can be incorporated into a luxurious table setting commonly seen at weddings or large dinner parties. Elevated pedestal vases can stand on the floor and lift to table level to break up large halls or row sections. A gorgeous multi colored glass pedestal vase can be decorated seasonally and be a focal point of the table scape. Pedestals are one of the flower vase shapes that can genuinely be high impact. The vase itself is elevated to allow blooms to spill over the edge, often creating a garden like effect. 


Bottle Vase

Milk bottles, empty beer or soda bottles and other tall bottles or glass vessels qualify as bottle vases. Due to their long neck and wide mouth brim, bouquets with plenty of foliage and filler stems go very well with them. Whether you are arranging a lush bouquet for that rustic wild look or highlighting one or a few flowers for a more delicate style, the shape of this vase will be complimentary. They work well in sets and can be used to create a table scape for entertaining. 


Cube Vase

Square or cube vases make great center pieces on coffee tables, side tables or outside entertainment areas. They become an elevated focal piece when accompanied by books or large candles and can be styled seasonally or to complement the room’s decor. A Cube or a square vase shape is low and have sides of equal length. Styling flower arrangements in these is similar to the bowl vases and add interest to flowing blooms. 



Modern vases are designed beautifully so as they look pretty enough to be left empty and used as a simple decorative accent but they are usually used to display plants and flowers. We have a complete range of tall, wide, short slim vases to help you make all kinds of flower decorations. Tall vases are ideal for small flower arrangements. Although they occupy little space on a table but they make a big impact due to their height. Wide round shape or cylindrical vases can display larger arrangements with plenty of green leaves as well. A short vase or a small bud vase is a great option to hold a single bud or flower. Large center piece brass bowls are also used as a unique flower display solution and it can hold flowers, petals, leaves and stones etc. as per your creativity and imagination.


Once you are done with the right shape and size of your vase selection as per your needs, you can finally choose the right color and material to compliment the theme of your place. You can select white, silver or neutral color vases for vibrant color flowers, so that the bright color of flowers is not overwhelmed with the color of vase and the beauty of flowers is really enhanced. On the other side, if the flowers are white with lots of sweet fragrance, they go well with dark color vases. Wooden vases are more used with artificial flower decorations or a center piece decoration without flowers. Metallic vases made of aluminum, iron or brass, are more suitable for the contemporary display with lots of flowers or very few flowers are the shape and size of the vase.


We at ARTASHI India make a wide variety of metal and wooden vases in many unique styles. Wooden vases are hand crafted in very well - seasoned mango wood with natural finish or hand painted designs. Wood carving is also popular with the wooden vases. Metal vases are generally made in aluminum or iron. A large variety of hand-painted vases in eye catching color options are also available with us. We have a great vase collection to fit every living space. These vases are great for routine home decoration and also very useful for special occasions like wedding parties, corporate parties, family gatherings and business meetings.


All of our vases are handmade and come in various size, shape, design and finish. You can find a big range of metal vases and wooden vases in our catalog. Along with this, we can also develop any designs, shape or finish given by you in a beautiful manner. We make all kinds of vases like flower vase, planters, metal planters, wooden vases, hand carved vases, metal vases, iron vases, aluminum vases, brass vases, designer vases, floor vases, tall vases, small vases etc.


We at ARTASHI INDIA make vase, flower vases, handmade vase, wooden vase, metal vase, iron vase, aluminum vase, vase handmade, hand painted vase, tall vase, table vase and other customized vases.

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