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Wall Art Decor

We make a huge range of art ware and art pieces for home specially for the walls.


Wall Art and Wall Hangings are made of wood and brass metal. They are created by our master artisans in both contemporary and classic designs. Even though these are beautifully handcrafted master pieces and take long time to design but in contrary to that we are still able to keep the prices remarkably low. 

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Catalogue Wall Decor Art

Wall art is that finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. The key is to choose a piece of art or another wall hanging that fits in with the decorating style that you have already chosen for the room.

Wall decor is one of the most important things when it comes to home decor and creating a certain ambience. It not only defines but also decorates the space and enhances the touch and feel of the room.

A well stated wall provides a perfect finishing to the room. It completes the space and also helps to stitch the story together. Wall art is a great finishing element that can augment the look of the room to look polished and not just functional.

Wall art creates a finishing element that brings the room's furniture, decor, lighting, and color palette harmoniously together. With the right wall art, your room will go from functional to functional and fabulous.

The key to any successful interior design is balance. That means when it comes to hanging pictures, no, you don't need to fill every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor.


Types of Wall Décor

Wall décor comes in a wide range of options which makes it difficult for someone who wants to decorate their home to make a decision. Each type has its own pros and cons and they are all interesting and beautiful. Your decision should be based on personal preferences, on the theme and style of the room’s design and décor and on the function of the room.



Wooden wall art


Wood is the perfect material to use on your walls if you prefer a rustic or traditional ambiance. You can cover the walls in wood to create a warm and cozy décor or you can use wood in other ways. Explore the options and come up with your own design. Wooden wall art is the style for which we are considered to be one of the best providers all around the globe.


Metallic wall art


Metallic wall art is one of the very popular wall arts. Most popular metals to create such wall arts may be Iron or Brass because of their suitable nature for metal crafting. Such wall arts come into a number of colours, textures, shapes and designs. They are not very expensive and easy to handle. We make a huge range of metal wall arts mainly from brass material.


Wall murals and paintings

A mural can instantly transform a room. Whether the mural or the painting covers an entire wall or a portion is totally up to you. If you opt for this type of wall décor, take into consideration the size, style, the theme and the colour.


Wallpaper and paint

These options are not the best art forms but they are popular. The wallpaper comes in a variety of styles, designs and patterns so it too can be very versatile.




You can make a wall stand out through lighting. You can use wall lamps, LEDs and all sorts of other options to highlight particular areas of your home, maybe to put the spotlight on a painting or sculpture or simply to create a nice ambiance.



Modern wall art

Obviously you first need to choose a style. If you want your home décor to be modern, then the wall art should share the same style. Modern wall décor focuses on simplicity, bold colours, movement and other elements.

Traditional wall art


Traditional wall art may include antique paintings, wooden frames and antique mirrors. They all may be combined to create a special effect for your walls and give it a traditional theme. Your wall art must go well with the basic theme of your home decoration.


Abstract wall art


If you choose abstract wall décor, you can play with shapes, geometric forms, colours and materials. Such wall art always gives a fresh look and you can create so many options for you that it looks very refreshing. You can use bold colours or neutral themes as per your taste and also create a 3D effect for a better visual experience.


Your home is your real place where you live and enjoy with family members. A new visitor to your house may very much judge about you by your wall decoration and home decoration style. Wall decoration is an important aspect of home decoration. Blank walls can be very boring and do not represent your real character. It creates a peace and harmony at your home and it is very important to choose the right kind of wall décor for your home. It is true that it needs time, money and new ideas to get your walls decorated in the perfect manner. You can go for either a traditional or a contemporary style to decorate your walls. The job has to be done in accordance to what your style is, what you like and what is your budget. There are a number of ways for wall decoration through which you can bring life to your house walls and it also rejuvenates you.


We make a good range of wall art decoration items which are beautifully hand crafted in wood, MDF and brass metal in various finish and design. The quality of our Brand ARTASHI wall décor items is really great and they last for a long - long time. The wall decor products in wood are the real master pieces from our artisans. They are generally square shape or circular in different size from one feet to six feet. The popular finish are antique white, wood natural finish, gold finish and silver finish. Various art designs include European designs, Arabic designs, modern art designs, mythological designs and religious designs. As the weight of wooden wall décor pieces sometimes is quite substantial, hence sometimes wall art pieces are also crafted in MDF. It creates similar perfection but for a lesser price and weight. The best part with us is that we are the best factory in terms of price as we work on small margins and we have smart artisans. We can offer you the most beautiful wooden art décor pieces at the best international price. It should be a great buying option for you if you are a big dealer or even if you have your own art gallery with lesser investment. We can supply best handmade designs at the best price. This is one of our main strengths in wood carving work and you can get huge advantage from buying this. Not to mention that we can also develop any design given by you in your best interest. 


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