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Box and Jar - Wood

Boxes and Jars play an important role at every home. They are important to store vital products safely. 

We make most amazing wooden boxes and jars in numerous finish, shapes and designs. We use very well seasoned mango wood for this purpose. All this comes at a very competitive price at par with the best factories in the world. We make jewelry box, wooden box, jewellery boxes handmade, storage boxes, decorative boxes, wooden jars, wood jar with lid, storage jars etc.


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A wide-mouthed cylindrical container made of glass, ceramic, wood or metal and typically having a lid used for storage of food and other items is called a Jar.

A jar is a smooth-sided, round container. Jars are useful for storing food, from rice to tea bags to cookies. Typically, a wide-mouth jar made of ceramic may hold pickles and a small, short glass jar could contain jam. A wooden jar on the other hand may contain dry food items and snacks to some other precious items. Wooden Jars also look very good for decoration and display on a table. When you put something in a jar, you jar it.



Types of Jars


Mason jar -  A Jar used to preserve foods such as fruit, jam, vegetables etc.


Kilner jar -  A Kilner jar is a rubber-sealed, screw-topped jar used for preserving food. It was first produced by John Kilner & Co. in Yorkshire, England. 


Mayonnaise jar -  A mason jar especially made for mayonnaise.


Canopic jar - A Jar in which the ancient Egyptians preserved the viscera of a deceased person usually for burial with the mummy.


Leyden jar -  A Leyden jar is an electrical component which stores a high-voltage electric charge between electrical conductors on the inside and outside of a glass jar.



Killing jar A killing jar  is a device used by entomologists to kill captured insects quickly and with minimum damage. 




We make wooden storage containers for precious things and items to keep safely. It includes a large number of wooden jars and wooden boxes. They are made from well seasoned mango wood in different shape, design and finish. Wooden jars come in various tall and short size and mostly in cylindrical shapes. Some of the popular versions are antique white wooden jars and natural wood finish wooden jars. Most of them also contain a lid to protect the things within the jar.

Handmade wooden boxes are very popular from the ancient times to store precious things or jewelry. While the box outer cover surface is either hand carved in various designs or hand painted, the inner box generally has a layer of cloth or velvet to cover the whole inner surface. This keeps the box smooth and tidy. We make a big rand of wooden boxes and designer wooden boxes in various size and shape. Such boxes are also used to pack the gifts. Heart shape boxes for valentine gifts and wooden boxes with animals and birds are popular for gifts for children.


We can also develop prototypes given by the customer as per the required finish. The finishing work is done very beautifully and prices kept to the optimum level. 

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