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About Us


Our Identity & Work Culture 

We at ARTASHI INDIA are a group of artisans from the northern province of India. Hand crafting beautiful products for the use of one and all had been our age old tradition. We started our operations in the Year 2003 and soon we caught the eyes of most popular stores in Europe. Today, we are a major producer and supplier in the home, kitchen, garden and gifts industry. Whereas in the past, we were confined more to the domestic market and traditional work and designs, now we are more in terms with modern innovative new ideas and contemporary work. Our work consists of a stylish mix of modern and traditional quality products at a competitive price, complimented with timely delivery and strong customer care policy. 

We use natural materials like wood and various metals mostly brass to make most enchanting and stylish designer products. It is our endeavor to bring joy and happiness to every home and individual. We have created more than five thousand designer products till now under our Brand ARTASHI, so as to facilitate the lives of millions of people around the globe. Our products are Innovative and Eco friendly. We take initiative for new developments under our brand and also make customized products as per the taste and need of the international community. So we say that we do not wait for others to set an example but we innovate and take the lead.  

Company Name: ARTASHI India

Units: wood and metal units in the northern province of India


High Quality Customized Products @ Most Competitive Price:

We put all our energy and resources to ensure a Very High Quality of our handmade products. 

All wooden articles are made from high quality Seasoned Wood with proper treatment at our plant. Each and every wooden article we sell, no matter how big or small it is, we ensure that it is always made from the seasoned wood to guard it against any sort of bacterial infection or insects and keeps it away from deformation. Although it raises the cost of the product to some extent, but we never compromise on such issues. High Quality is always the first priority for us and we know that it comes at a price. Even then we ensure that our products are always very  competitive   at    the   international    level,  so    that    our   customers   can   also   sell    at   a  good  price.


Generally we use Mango Wood to craft the wooden articles. We also use Pine wood and Acasia wood as per the nature of the product.

Wood Products :


Most of our wood products are made of mango wood which is the same tree which grows the tropical mango fruit. Older mango trees bear very few fruits, hence they are replaced by growing fresh trees in a process to sustain the mango orchards and safeguard the environment. As the mango tree grows very quickly, so it is easy for us to sustain the demand.

Mango wood is durable and it has beautiful grains which gives it many different colors and tones from yellow to dark brown. It looks handsome in its natural shade but looks even better with a lacquer coat that looks better with age. Wooden articles made from such  wood like bowls, trays and chopping trays, are generally finished with food grade lacquer finish for better hygiene and cleaning. We also use other seasoned premium woods like acacia, sheesham, neem, pine, teak, birch wood etc. as per the specific requirement. 

Metal Handicrafts :

Metal handicrafts are made mostly from high quality pure brass. Although we use brass to make most of the metal handicrafts but few products are also made of some other metals like iron, aluminum, copper and zinc. The metal used is always mentioned with the description of the product, so as to keep it crystal clear. 

Inspection and Packing :

We make customized products as per the requirement of our customers and also supply O.E.M. As mentioned earlier, we maintain very high quality standards and carefully inspect each article before final packing. The quality personnel are well educated in this field and properly trained to discharge their duties in the most professional manner.


For the wooden articles, right from the careful selection of the wood, from seasoning of wood to turning of wood, wood crafting, carving and finishing, all are performed in a scientific manner. Most of the work is done by hands and some small tools are also used for wood crafting. 

For the metal handicrafts, we use pure brass in most cases. All the metal crafts are produced with high quality and top industry standards are followed. For the metal crafts in Iron, we give different shades to the articles by top quality powder coating in different colors. Aluminum and Zinc is also used for few metal crafts and high metal quality is maintained.   


Packing is done in first in the inner boxes and finally in the master cartons with follow up of proper packaging and labeling instructions from customers.


Make Your Order From Various Product Categories


You can select products from various categories of these handmade products, so as to make it a Whole Sale Order as per our shipping terms. Get these amazing handcrafted products at most amazing internationally competitive prices. We also make customized products as per your requirements and designs. We also develop your New Samples. 

Customer Satisfaction

You can examine our full range of products, prices and terms of business on this website and order with ease. We update our Product Catalog on regular basis and keep on adding the fresh arrivals. We give special attention to all our customers and see that they get full service from our side. Right from helping them in the selection of right products for their business, to sampling, suitable prices, manufacturing and delivery with high quality and as per the given delivery schedule. We keep our customers well satisfied and well informed at different stages of the order execution. We carefully observe and follow all the instructions and comments from our customers to further improve upon our work. In short, we can say that we keep our customers, more than happy and guarantee that you never regret when you buy from ARTASHI INDIA. We shall be pleased to have all Orders and Inquiries from you.

Just Sign Up, get the password from us and enter into the beautiful world of Brand ARTASHI. Give it a try now and we promise you won't be disappointed.


Interior Designing : We are not just into handmade products for home decoration and home accessories but we also provide complete service of Interior Designing in Noida, Delhi and NCR. Please visit our partner website to know more and book the service:

ARTASHI India factory is manufacturing customized handmade products like candle stand, vase metal, wall decor art, statue brass, figurine, photo frame, jewellery box, jar, tray,  bowl wood, brass pulls, door knocker, gift unique, religious gift, craft, toys, cabinets, racks, trunk, chest, table

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