Home Decor :


We are manufacturer and exporter of a big range of home decor products. It includes :

Candle Holders

Flower Vases

Wall Art, Wall Hangings, Wall Decor

Statues, Sculptures, Figurines

Bowls and Trays

Boxes and Jars

Picture Frames

All these products are handmade and carisma of our skilled artisans. 

ARTASHI  INDIA  is  a  business  identity  formed  by  a  group  of  artisans.  Hence  our Price and Quality   

are unmatched. We assure you that you would never regret buying a Brand ARTASHI handmade product.


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Home is the place where you live with your family and enjoy the treasures of Life. A home is made from the family and the bond of togetherness among the family members. It is important for us to keep our place well maintained and tidy so that all the family members feel cozy and comfortable. Home Decoration is an integral part of this system. 

What is Home Decor : 

Home decor is an abbreviation used for Home Decoration. It is the art of making your home look gorgeous and also give it a cozy comfort feeling. The use of aesthetic components to make a home more attractive and appealing is the basic motive of Home decoration. It includes  physical items and objects like furniture, wall art, art objects, accents, accessories etc, placement of physical items and objects along with the colour theme of the place.

There are various styles of home décor and they must suit to the taste and style of the host. The options of colours, styles of furniture, and arrangement of objects are countless. Furniture and Wall Art Decorations are only the beginning when it comes to home décor. There are many other home accessories and decorations that can beautify your home! Interior Decoration of a home may be done in various styles. While a few people take on this task as a personal hobby and use their creativity and imagination. There are others who may hire professionals to make some or all of the design choices.

We need a number of home decor products, home accents and home accessories to make our place the most wonderful place for living, which is unique and very different from others. The selection of products is as per the life style and choice of the family members and the deciding factor for what kind of products are suitable for the home. Your life style is your truest expression of what you are.  

Style Selection :

 You can select the style to complete the interesting job of home decoration in a planned way in the following manner :

  • Choose a topic or theme you like - This is one of the most common ways of decorating. Suppose you like Forests a lot. You can choose your home accessories and furniture to match a similar feel of a forest. Your furniture, accessories and colour theme should be matching the feel of a forest.

  • Choose a colour scheme -  Sometimes instead of choosing a topic, you may prefer to go with a particular colour theme and incorporate all different ideas that complement it.

  • Choose a particular time period or culture – Sometimes instead of focusing on a theme or a colour, you simply want to live in a period, era or culture. You can decorate your home with articles attached to a particular period or culture to have the same period feel in your life. You can use hand carved wooden art decorations at your home, a gorgeous Buddha statue or may use modern era art painting as per your taste.

Home Decor Products, Home Accents, Home Accessories, Home Improvement :


Various kinds of home accessories like metal stands, storage boxes, bowls, trays, photo frames, wooden frames etc. are required to safe guard, storage, arrangement and proper display of products of our use. Different kinds of home decor products like handmade vases, candle holders, planters etc. are needed to make our place beautiful. Wall decor art also plays an important role to make the surroundings very attractive and beautiful. Various types of tall and short vases and planters with fresh flowers and green vegetation keeps our place beautiful and fresh. Various types of handmade vases and planters made of glass, metals and wood are very useful to complete this job.


When you have lots of home decor and home accessories placed in your house, sometimes you need to have something to stand out. The role of home accents starts here. You can have some products which are really unique and create a special effect. You can use various size and finish statues, sculptures, figurines and art objects as the home accent products. A statue of buddha in the outdoor garden, an art sculpture in the living room and figurines of giraffe, cat figurines, dog figurines,  hippo figurines, turtle figurines and bird figurines in the children's room can create a very special effect. Similarly a statue of Jesus Christ or Lord Ganesha can create enchanting vibes at your place.

Wooden Candle Holders also play an important role. You can have a few in different size and finish to create special effects with aroma candles. Small size set of candle holders for dining table, pillar candle holders in the living area and wash rooms can create a very special effect. 

You can make a collage of picture frames to show case your photographs and share the memories with others. This also keeps your important pictures protected. A good collection of wooden photo frames may really be very helpful for this. We have a huge range of photo frames which are all handmade, look really beautiful  and come at a very low price. So it is a very good option to decorate your walls. Wall decoration can also be done beautifully with our hand crafted wooden wall art pieces and wall hangings beautifully made in wood and brass. It is a big range of buddha wall art, ganesha wall art, religious wall arts, bird wall arts and animal wall arts. 

Handmade wooden bowls in various size, wood trays, wooden jars and wood boxes also play an important part. These products made in natural recyclable materials add to your kitchen and dining essentials.

Various types of wooden eggs and wood balls which are hand crafted and come in beautiful colours along with wooden alphabets may also be used in a creative manner to enhance the beauty of your place. 

All these home decor products, home accents and home accessories play a vital role to make your home comfortable and make it a unique place to live and enjoy. Just use your creative skills to make a good selection of products and use them at the right place. You will certainly feel the joy and happiness. We have created more than five thousand handmade designer products under our Brand ARTASHI to facilitate the life of millions of people around the globe. You would really be happy and proud to be a part of it. This way you also support the life of skilled artisans who craft these products and stand firm in the hard machine run world.

Home Interior Decoration Styles : 


There are mainly the following styles of interior home decoration :



This style refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple colour pattern and the use of materials that can include various metals and glass. It has the element of simplicity and the use of accessories is very limited.


Contemporary style is quite similar to modern but there is slight difference. Whereas, modern is a strict interpretation of designs of the 20th century, contemporary style is more fluid and has a wider range. It also includes designs with curving lines.



The minimalist style is nothing but the modern style further simplified. Colour patterns are neutral and airy; furnishings are simple and streamlined, and nothing is flamboyant. It has a sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines.


Industrial style is the height of sophisticated, cool, urban living. This style developed when home owners started to inhabit large, open mono-spaces, typically in ex-commercial or industrial buildings and warehouses.


Mid-century modern is a design style of the mid twentieth century primarily from 1950' s and 1960' s. It has a retro nostalgia and also some elements of minimalism.


Scandinavian style comes from the simplicity of life in Nordic Countries. It has all-white colour patterns and it incorporates all natural elements Spacious, natural lighting, less accessories and functional furniture characterizes Scandinavian style.


Traditional design style offers classic details and an abundance of accessories. It features dark finished wood, rich colour patterns and a variety of textures and curved lines. 


Transitional is a style of synthesis of traditional and modern design to facilitate a space with a sense of balance which is really appealing.


Warm, earthy colours are mark of a French Country design style which has a farmhouse inspiration. It may include soft and warm tones of red, yellow or gold and natural materials like stone and brick.


Bohemian is a popular style for home design and fashion and reflects a carefree lifestyle with little rules and more of your heart’s desire.It may include vintage furniture, globally inspired textiles and rugs and  wide collections from vintage style markets.


Rustic design comes from natural inspirations often using raw and unfinished elements including wood and stone. Such designs now integrate rustic design with more modern furnishings and accessories.


Shabby chic is a vintage-inspired style but compared to Bohemian and other styles,it is more feminine, soft and delicate.The Shabby Chic colour patterns include white, cream and pastels. Light fixtures and wall hangings continue the feminine vibe of shabby chic design.


Hollywood Glam is a design style that tends to be luxurious and over-the-top. It is a design style to make a statement. Colour patterns are bold like purple, red and turquoise.


Coastal style comes from the U.S. beach-side area. Common features include light, airy colour patterns with cool neutral shades paired with blues and greens. It can contain elements of wood and accessories inspired by the sea.

Before buying any home decor product, please make sure that it’s design or style matches the interior design of your place. Otherwise you could end up with a product that looks awkwardly out of place.