Set of Two Cylindrical Wooden Jars with Lid

Handmade in high quality well seasoned mango wood


Finish : Hand painted White with floral carving design, hand painted lid , Brand : ARTASHI


Height :


A :   7.0" Inch ( with lid )

B :   6.0" Inch ( with lid )



Dia :


A :  4.0" Inch

B : 4.0" Inch 


Price :  FOB India


A :   USD  7.80 / Pc

B :   USD  7.15 / Pc 


These jars look gorgeous and ideal for gift packaging, excellent for candies, face creams and cosmetics etc.


Top long lasting quality of Brand ARTASHI.


Set of Two Cylindrical Wooden Jars

May be customized in all sizes and finish: All customized size